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Avid Readers & Reviewers of Jacksonville - Organized & Developed in August 2002 in Jacksonville, Florida.  Purpose to be the link between Readers & Authors.  Group formed with only 5 members who enjoy reading and sharing in a comfortable environment.  No drama for this team, except what is read between the pages of some extradionary, legendary, creative, talented writers. 

The members of this group have decided to go on hiatus for an indefinite period of time.  With life changes and as years pass, our reading increases, but our time is not synchronized.  We support our authors and continue to read and review, but are not actively meeting according to the book club standards.

Our attendance & support of writers is still a focal point.  Our members collectively read daily and converse online and through emails.  Some of our reviewers are actively posting reviews on amazon.com and individually review novels which are directly sent to the authors and publishers.

The world of great story telling has prevailed through the years & we are excited at the multitude of writers and stories that we can now enjoy.  We encourage others to continue to support our authors and all the different genres, because we have come along way to get to where we are now.  Reading is essential and should be enforced & encouraged for all ages... a good book is like a vacation.  Sit back and relaxe and enjoy!!

Lastly, 2008 is the year of NEW BEGINNINGS and this year make a committment to support our authors and encourage someone else to read.  Do this if you will please.  Purchase a novel for yourself and purchase the same novel for someone else.  Give them the book and tell them to call you when they are through reading, so you can get their opinion.  You only need to do this once this year (a gift of giving) and next year, maybe you will receive a gift of reading.   We all win in this committment.  You support our authors, encourage a reader & make a new friend to discuss a good book.  Pass this committment on and send us an email to:  ararojax@yahoo.com and tell us how it worked out for you!



Daughter Denied by: Alretha Thomas

If you haven't read this yet, then why are you still sitting at your computer looking at this website??   Get up and start reading it now and come back and visit us when you are done.  If you haven't purchased it, listen you definitely want to add this novel to your library.  Trust us on this one.

Author: Alretha Thomas has done a spectacular job, telling this story of the Rivers family from the voice of one of the main characters.    As you start to read this story, you will start to feel the characters and believe that you either know them personally or that you are part of the family.  As you go through the pages you are turning the days of Earnestine, Floyd, Tina, Debra, Larry, Jan, Florence, Nana, Cheryl,and a host of other characters lives.  This story is so real - that is definitely meant for the big screen.  Tina is a child that has an old soul, the children have to endure much, but you learn from this story that everyone pays the price.  Love is sometimes heart deep that regardless of how your mind tells you, you should act, you find yourself reacting the way you don't want to.  Also, sometimes your family pays the price for your heartfelt decisions.  Different facets of love are displayed here and different levels of forgiveness are displayed, also the price that you have to pay for decisions that you or sometimes your parents make are costly.  You can correct some errors and then there are errors you must live with.  I don't want to tell you any part of this story.  Read the synopsis that is on the back cover of the novel and trust me... you won't be disappointed.  I definitely see this book being made into a movie and too all the directors and producers out there, don't change a thing~~ portray as close to the novel as possible.  Enjoy your read and I look forward to seeing more from Alretha Thomas.  Can we get a sequel please??